Author = Seyed Mohammad Marandi
"Death was Defiance": Death of Septimus as Affirming Life in Mrs. Dalloway

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 February 2024


Fatima Yahyapoor; Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Narcissism and Destructiveness at the Heart of Anne Landsman’s The Devil’s Chimney

Volume 28, Issue 1, August 2023, Pages 69-91


Shekufeh Owlia; Zeinab Ghasemi Tari; Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Landscape, Scientistic Realism, and Climate Change in Ian McEwan's Solar

Volume 26, Issue 1, September 2021, Pages 244-275


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Zohre Ramin; Mohammad Bagher Shabanpour

The Pathology of the Uncoupling of System and Lifeworld and the Formation of Surveillance in The Castle

Volume 23, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 103-122


Jalal Farzaneh Dehkordi; Sayyed Mohammad Marandi; Younes Shokrkhah

My Name Is Rachel Corrie: The End of “End of Ideology” in Post-9/11 British Documentary Theatre

Volume 23, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 173-196


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Golnaz Montazeri; Hosein Pirnajmedin

Fashioning Identity and Identity Fashioned in Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle

Volume 22, Issue 2, January 2018, Pages 551-569


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Hamed Habibzadeh

Mythologising the Contemporary Ireland in North Heaney as the Modernist Postcolonial Poet

Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2015, Pages 355-373


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Hussein Pirnajmuddin; Susan Poursanati

The Prison-House in the House on the Hill: Malcolm X and the Power of Knowledge

Volume 20, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 41-57


Zahra Jannessari Ladani; Mohamad Marandi

Deconstruction of Iranian Woman's Diasporic Memoir in Firoozeh Dumas' Funny in Farsi

Volume 19, Issue 1, September 2014, Pages 103-122


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Cyrus Amiri

Identity and Multiculturalism in Zadie Smith’s The Autograph Man

Volume 18, Issue 1, September 2013, Pages 129-147


Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Hossein Pirnajmuddin; zahra Taheri

The Representation of the Negritude Movement in Wole Soyinka’s A Dance of the Forests

Volume 15, Issue 60, January 2011, Pages 75-92

Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Mohsen Hanif


Volume 11, Issue 33, September 2006


Volume 10, Issue 27, November 2005


Volume 9, Issue 20, November 2004