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About the Journal

The journal of Research in Contemporary World Literature (RCWL) is a quarterly, double-blind, peer-reviewed, and open access journal in the field of modern and contemporary literature. Originally named Journal of Foreign Languages, it was founded in 1994 and is now a forum for modern and contemporary literature in diverse languages. International in its scope, RCWL promotes the full diversity of critical practices. The journal aims to publish original papers and reviews that are not published or not being considered for publication elsewhere.

While familiarizing readers with literature and contemporary literary theory, RCWL hopes to open up new horizons for writers and scholars by proposing novel perspectives on academic literary studies that place a premium on scholarly ethics. We strive to sustain the purity, integrity, and identity of literature as a discipline in the age of pseudo-science production. To that end, our review policy attaches considerable significance to scholarly integrity, creativity, as well as the textual manifestation of the writer’s identity in the submitted manuscript.