Style in Translation: Saleh Hosseni's Style Through Translation Universals in his Persian Translation of Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury



This paper examines th e styl e of Sale h Hosseini a s a literary translator in his p ersian translation of F aulkner 's the Sound and the Fury in the light of Baker 's universals of translation . First , the paper discusses why in the field of translation the translator 's style seems to be less important than that of the original writer . The paradoxical issue is that if the writer 's style is important , how is it possible for a translator to show his finger print in the translation ? Secondly , the paper studies Hosseini's style in the light of the universals of translation proposed by Mona Baker , among others : explicitation , simplification , levelling out and normalization . Finally , the results show that Hosseni has got his own style and that normalization is his most frequent style in translation.