The struggle of despair and hope in dystopia of "Nima Yoshij" and "Badrshakr Al-Sayyab" Relying on two odes "Towards a Silent City" and "city without rain"

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The dystopia is imaginary society in which chaos has come to maximum and there is little hope of recovery. Nima Yoshij and Badr Shaker al-Sayyab, two well-known contemporary Persian and Arabic poets, against the poor state of society and efforts to improve things, are depicting the dystopia as "Towards a Silent City" and "city without rain".This article seeks to answer the following question by examining the manifestations of despair and hope in the words of two poets in a descriptive-analytical method. What are the main factors in the emergence of the city's ruined space. What is the ultimate winner in the battle of despair and hope? The author believes that both poets have tried to reform and awaken the nation by depicting the atmosphere of society and showing the main causes of the dystopia, which is the oppression and corruption of the rulers and the silence and frustration of the people of the society. in the struggle between despair and hope, choose optimism and hope a revolution in the society.


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