A Comparative Personality Typology of Mohammad-Taqi Bahar And Fadwa Tuqan Based on Their Prison Poems According to Enneagram school

Document Type : Research Paper



Poems' content demonstrates poets' personality which comes out of their feeling and imagination, and reflects their persona. Therefore, analyzing poems' content may reveal some angles of poets' persona beyond political and geograghical borders, so in comparative literature, poets' content can be compared so that we can grasp homogeneity and heterogeneity of their persona. Eniagram school introduces nine types of personality and elaborates on their features. According to Eniagram school's principles, everybody can own only one of these types. Malekoshoara-bahar, an Iranian literate, and Fadavi Touqan, a Palestinian poet, devoted many of their poems to resistance literature based on political and social issues and problems. The present study aims at analyzing the imprisonment poems of above-mentioned poets especially aspects regarding fighting, exile and prison through an analytical-comparative method and based on Eniagram school. As indicated by the results of the present study, the most common contents of their imprisonment subjects refers to litigation, anti-authoritarianism, making awareness, and honorong symbols and martyrs; and this indicates the accountability, persistence, realism and collectivism in


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