A Study of the Relationship between Suspension and Narrative Speed in the Novel Prince Ehtejab with a Critical Approach toward Gerard Genette's Method

Document Type : Research Paper



What is suggested in Genette’snarratological method in measuring the narrative speed does not seem adequate in stream of consciousness novels. In Genette’s method, the time of reading the novel is not clear. If according to Paul Ricoeur, the formation process of the novel contains all the three stages of "pre-configuration", "configuration" and "re-configuration”, the narrative speed in the novel Prince Ehtejab would be much slower than what is obtained through Genette’s method. Suspension and ambiguity can heavily reduce the narrative speed through interfering in the reconfiguration phase and enhancing the reading time. This paper studies the effect of suspension on the narrative speed and  suspension and ambiguity in the novel Prince Ehtejab with a critical approach toward Gerard Genette's model.