A Study of the Descriptive Frameworks of “self” and “other” in Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio’s Stories

Document Type : Research Paper



In the present paper, we strive to investigate the mutual relationship between the descriptive components of “self” and its relation to “other” in a foreign culture in the works of Le Clézio. This “other” culture stems from the identity philosophy of
“other personality”. We will also try to show Le Clézio’s descriptive aesthetics, using his works and a thematically analytic framework. From a universal viewpoint, Le Clézio’s writing style, which reflects the “viewpoint” of the author, depicts the art of “description.” It is a description that breaks limitations and turns to a man’s intact “mind.” This “self” of the author designs a free and liberating horizon before the “other personality,” using “nature and imagination.” On the other hand, the interactions of “other personality” reflects the dynamic discourse and turns to a knowledge for “human beings,” by separating itself from “self.” This knowledg