Sociocritical analyse of Ebn machghaleh by Nader Ebrahimi

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1 Shahid Chamran university

2 Ahvaz University,


Sociocritical analyse of the novel Ibn Mashghalet by Nader Ebrahimi
Sociocritical analyse has a special place among all kinds of literary attitudes. With a content based approach, this method of criticism examines the relationship between literary work and the society from which the text originated. Such an analysis of the literary work can help to understand the structures of society and its problems. It therefore highlights environmental-historical factors outside of the work and the social components reflected in it. This article attempts to study the novel of Ibn Mashghlet by Nader Ebrahimi and to reflect on the reflection that the author has made on his community, based on the sociological criticism approach of the writer, Claude Duchet. Therefore, historical elements such as themes and various social cues and traces of historical events are analyzed here using the descriptive analytical research method.
Keys words: Ibn Mashghalet, Society, analyse sociocritical, Claude Duchet, Nader Ebrahimi, descriptive analyse


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