comparative Study of «revolt» and «consciousness» in André Chénier and Ahmad Shamlou’s socio-revolutionary romantic poems

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1 french language, faculty of foreign languages and literature,science and research branch, Islamic azad university

2 French language, Faculty of Literature Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad university Tehran Iran


The purpose is comparative pondering of André Chénier and Ahmad Shamlou’s socio-revolutionary romantic poems.These poets share the same tendencies and the social content of their poems is tended to romanticism. In addition,«consciousness»and«revolt»are two basic issues in understanding the concept of being a revolutionist.Both poets use the same critical language in relation to the rough problems of their societies and in the most of their poems poverty, injustice and oppression are the contents which reveal the influence of romanticism in political-social relations between the West and the East.The comparative study of Chénier and Shamloo's poems reflects the impact of poetry on the fate of the social man;combination of feeling and commitment is one of manifestations of dynamic poetry of both poets. That is why we have compared the themes presented in their poems.In this paper, by examining Chénier and Shamloo's poetry, from the perspective of the American doctrine (affinities and similarities), we show that two poets with co-oriented attitudes are struggling to build a new world in the depths of society.


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