The impact of EFL teachers’ cognition on teaching foreign language grammar


This study examines differences in non-native EFL teachers’ beliefs about grammar and teaching grammar. The differences were sought across teachers’ work environment- private school versus state schools-, degree, gender, and teaching experience. A sample of 130 EFL teachers teaching at junior high school, high schools, and private language institutes were randomly selected. The sample consisted of EFL teachers with different degrees, teaching experience, and gender. A grammar belief questionnaire consisting of five main categories (25 items) was administered. The results showed significant differences between school teachers and institute language teachers in their cognition and practice. The observed differences were also significant for teachers with BA degree, MA degree and teaching experience. However, teachers’ beliefs did not significantly differ in genders. All in all, the results showed that teachers’ characteristics influenced some aspects of their cognition and teaching practices as related to grammar. The implications for teaching and teacher education are discussed, in this article.