Causation as a Mental Process


Causative constructions are of great importance in typological studies of language. Therefore, the basic concern of the authors in this article has been primarily with the typology of causative constructions in Persian based on Comrie’s typological framework. On the other hand, causation plays a central role in everyday human experience. So, it can be considered as one of the integral parts of human cognition or according to Lakoff a notion that exists in our mind (thought). The results indicate that Comrie’s classification of causatives (morphological, lexical and analytic) is functionable in Persian. Moreover, the analysis reveals that in Persian, in addition to three types introduced by Comrie, there is another causative referred to in this article "discoursal causative". All in all, the paper pursues that causation is a mental process. In fact, the idea that human beings interpret and conceptualize causative constructions by the help of general functions of the mind is suggested.