Language Competence in the Beam of Cultural Recognition


Intercultural comeptence was ignored in foreign language didactics for a long time. Modern studies reveal that if we do not pay attention to this important competency, acquisition of language comeptence will not be stable. The New methods of foreign language didactics are based on intercultural communication. They not only use the target culture as a suitable means for language acquisition but also put emphasis on the role of cultural information transition as a substantial goal. To integrate new methods of foreign language didactics, the present article, emphasising on the role of culture in foreign language learning, has conducted a general research on the presentation of German language in Iranian language institutes to study and analyze the cultural roots and elements in language learning and the causes of attention to the important cultural elements which have a significant role in acquiring language competence. According to this research, only acquisition of language competence in the beam of culture recognition enables a language learner to have a suitable reflex directly against target speakers.