The Person As A Grammatical Category in Russian Language


The verb in Russian Language is a part of speech which involves several grammatical features. Regarding methods of expressing the person, we can classify it in two major groups: Personal verbs and Non-Personal verbs. The difference of these two groups is in their expression and inexpression of the person as a grammatical category. The purpose of this research is to consider ways of declaring the person in verbal predicates of the Russian Language. The meaning of grammatical person is sometimes determined by verbal affixes. In this condition, the means of expression by a person is grammar. On the other side, other elements of sentences which are pronouns and nouns determine the grammatical person which we refer to as lexical tools. In Russian Language, lexical tools play an important role in expressing meaning, because in some situations such absence inexistence of a formal subject in sentences, and verbal affixes indicate the virtual meaning of grammatical person.