Both The Sound and The Fury and The Blind Owl share a common theme. The main justification for this thematic analogue is Carl Gustav lung's theory of "Collective Unconscious", Vladimir Propp's Morphology of Russian Fairy Tales and what Claude Levi¬Strauss tried to find in the system of world literature. By discovering the underlying structure of myth, Levi- Strauss demonstrated universal themes in literary discourses. Therefore, similarity of themes between these world masterpieces is unconscious and Hedayat had not studied The Sound and The Fury. The author of this paper has conducted a metaphoric analysis of these novels and has come to the conclusion that by combinig the suggestion of a literary analogue, aspects of their superficial organizations may be illuminated. Although a love story on the surface level, the deep structure of both novels reveals the lament of both authors for the passage of time and consequently a socio¬historic upheaval which totally transforms cultural discourses in their respective societies.
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