Woman from Kuche Medaq to Cafe Stareh The Transformation of Women in Kuche Medaq in Its Cinematic Narrative (Cafe Stareh)

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1 Associate Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Birjand University

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The aim of the present study is to compare and evaluate the narrative style in the novel Alley of Medaq, by the successful Egyptian writer Najib Mahfouz(winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature) and the film Cafe Setareh, the first adaptation of the well-known Iranian director Saman Moghadam. Therefore, it can be said that this research focuses on explaining the nature and quality of narrative transformations from literature to cinema in both literary and cinematic works. In the work of cinema, which is the product of the interaction of literature and cinema and narrates a slice of women's lives(as part of the lower class of society) in the struggle with superiors and socio-economic conflicts made above, the presence of female narrative is obvious, while this method of narration There is no clarity in the literary work, ie the alley; Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority. Overall, the narrative in the film has changed in creative ways:


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