Müller's nostalgic and critical look of his native culture in the novel Animal Heart

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Herta muller's nostalgic and critical view of his native culture in the novel Animal heart .Herta muller is a Romanian writer who inevitably leaves his homeland to live in Germany during the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. He manifests his native culture in his works. The novel Animal heart or (Land of Green Tomatoes) is one of the works that Herta müller wrote after his migration and in which he honestly tells the story of his life and Tells his personal experiences. This study, with its library approach and descriptive analytical method, is dedicated to Müller's nostalgic and critical study of his native culture after his migration to Germany in the novel (Animal Heart). The results show that Müller has not left the nostalgia for his homeland after his emigration, and speaks of issues such as the fear of betrayal, oppression, corruption, and the death toll that prevails in his homeland that forces him to emigrate. In this novel, ,


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