Sociopoetic of Iranian roads in the French travelogue entitled Persia, Chaldea and Susiana, by Jane Dieulafoy

Document Type : Research Paper


1 French department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

2 ّFrench depatement Ferdowsi university of Mashhad



As a result of industrial progress in the transportation, European travel to the Orient was facilitated in the 19th century. Jane Dieulafoy, a French traveler who dressed as a man according to the patriarchal society of her time, crossed the limits of pre-existing social representations by her travel to Iran. Thus, the sociopoetics, which is concerned with the study of social representations as dynamic elements of literary creation, is presented for the first time in Iran and, due to its interdisciplinary character, is treated in the field of comparative literature. Taking advantage of this field of analysis, Dieulafoy's social representations through the roads of Iran and their influence on the writing of his travelogue entitled “Persia, Chaldea and Susiana” are studied. Indeed, one could consider the roads as the social space that play an essential role in travel literature. The results of this research show that the roads, according to Dieulafoy, are seen as places of antithesis, between hope and despair, light and darkness which detache her life from immobility.


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