Christian Kracht and escapism in Faserland

Document Type : Research Paper


1 دانشگاه تهران

2 Department of foreign language and literature, University of Tehran, Iran



A new chapter of literary movements in Germany has started due to the development of pop literature. Pop literature is the outcome of the rebellious feelings of a younger generation towards the prior social and political values. Christian Kracht is one of the contemporary writers in the German literature scene who was from early on considered as one of the main figures of German’s pop literature due to his unconventional style in describing the concerns of newer generations in his first novel Faserland. However, the main reason that makes Faserland one of the highlights of the contemporary German pop literature world is its psychological aspects demonstrated in the escapisms of its protagonist. This study tries not only to demonstrate pop literature’s vast potentials in manifesting deeper psychological concerns of a society, but also how it is possible to read Faserland’s protagonist as an example of an adolescent, living in mid-90s Germany, who isn’t able to cope with the history and society of the country he’s living in.


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