Monster Journey from England to Baghdad (A Comparative Critique of Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster in Baghdad from a Gothic Perspective)

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2 Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Ilam University



The Gothic school contains stories with a disturbing, dark and scary atmosphere. Marishley in the United Kingdom and Ahmad Saadawi in Iraq are among the most prominent writers of this school, whose works have attracted the attention of many translators, critics and writers. In this study, we intend to use the content analysis method to make a comparative critique of the novel Frankenstein's Monster by Marishley and Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmad Saadawi from the perspective of the Gothic school. Findings show that the Gothic principle, which is based on fear and panic, has intensified with the creation of a Gothic creature in these two effects. The theme of both effects is violence and death. In these works, the two have presented a narrative that, despite its similarity in style and content, differs in terms of narrative structure; Sdawi's narration is a fragmented narrative. Shelley used Gothic and consequently violence to express moral themes, but Saadawi used this style to express political and social themes and current issues in Iraq.


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