Comparative study of Golshiri and Meyer according to transtextual approach

Document Type : Research Paper


persian litrature,narjes university, Rafsanjan,Iran



Genette believes that different texts have taken from earlier works. He divides the relations between texts into five categories Intertextualitie, Architextualite, Paratextualite, Metatextualite, and Hypertextualite. Since the most important issues in comparative literature is literary effectiveness and Genet in transtextuality theory seeks the influence of texts to each other. It can be said that transtextuality are relate to comparative literature. Vampires are European legends that have attracted teenage audience and Golshiri has introduced them to Iranian fiction for the first time. In this research, using the content analysis method, we want to examine Meyer and Golshiri's vampire according transtextuality relations, in order to answer following questions: how the primary text was transferred to the secondary text in Golshiri vampire and Golshiri has used from Which transtextuality elements in his works? What effect cultural relations has been on the secondary text? In his works, Golshiri has used the Intertextualitie, Architextualite, Paratextualite and hypertextualite, and Iranian cultural relations have caused changes in the story,


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