Art of Storytelling in Izak Dinesen as Danish Shahrzad Based on W. Benjamin's Views

Document Type : Research Paper


English Department, Faculty of literature and languages, Arak University



This essay shows how Isak Dinesen, as Danish Shahrazad, has used the art of storytelling, combining her lived experiences with European and African traditions of oral storytelling in her works in different periods. As an enthusiastic child, Dinesen has listened to the tales told by her grandfather. As the second, Dinesen has travelled to Africa. As the third, she has mixed the Eastern and Western tales to form her artistic identity and her world literature. This article justifies the connection between the three periods of Dinesen's life and his works to show how she has gained her place as a storyteller. As for the theoretical framework, a mention is made of W. Benjamin's classic article and its relation to the characteristics of Dinesen's storytelling. To explain these features, “The Blank Page” is examined briefly. One finding is that Dinesen has used the European and African storytelling traditions as a catalyst. In short, if Shahrzad is considered a storyteller in presence, Dinesen is considered a traveling storyteller.


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