A study of religious and historical references in four works by Amin Maalouf with an intertextual approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor University of Tehran



Amin Maalouf has chosen French as his written language, but due to growing up in an environment of high cultural and linguistic diversity, he is widely acquainted with the components of civilization of different ethnic groups, especially the Oriental ones. The purpose of this paper is to focus on four selected works by Ma'louf (Crusades from the perspective of Arabs, African Levites, Samarkand, and Gardens of Light), while establishing intertextual approaches, to show what the author is writing in these works Inspired resources? And how did this influence manifest itself in the structure or content of his works? What changes did the author make in the original forms and therefore what similarities and differences can be found between the mentioned texts? And what is the motive and purpose of this method of writing? The research findings indicate the relationship between the known works and religious texts of the Qur'an, the Bible and the Torah, as well as works such as the book Al-A'tbar and Al-Kamil Fi Al-Tarikh.


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