"Beloved" is a mirror with a reflection of Aragon's romantic themes In "Aida in the Mirror" Shamlou's

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The study of the commonalities of human thought in works of different societies with the help of comparative literature is known as one of the most significant types of literary criticism today. In the present study, we will comparatively examine the romantic perspective of the two works "Aida in the Mirror" by Ahmad Shamloo and "Elsa Eyes" a collection of love poems by Louis Aragon from his various works, along with poetic evidence.The similarity between some romantic themes reflects the concerns, emotions, and feelings similar to the poets; Shamloo's familiarity with the works of Aragon has caused a similar language observed in expressing the poets' feelings towards the beloved, which leads to the manifestation of similar themes such as: the lover's hope, the lover's long-standing expectation, the lover because of the poet's poetry, etc.

The similarities indicate the unity among human thoughts and express the influence of poets of different nations on each other's thought, which is sometimes due to adaptation in its correct meaning "imitation" and sometimes inflection.


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