A Comparative Study of Romantic Attitudes in the Two Novels Body Memory and The Island of Wandering

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


In the contemporary period, due to the prevalence of modern ideas, especially in Eastern societies, a confrontation between traditional and modern ideas about the concept of love was formed and various groups, especially novelists, took approaches to this issue. They undertook a variety that reflects their approaches and attitudes can be recovered in their novels.. according to this, in this article, with a comparative look at the study of various views, attitudes and aspects of love in the novels of Body memory by Ahlam Mostaghanemi and the Island of Wandering by Simin Daneshvar based on the American School of Comparative Literature and Method An analytical description is given to show which manifestations of love are represented in their works? What are the differences and similarities in this regard? The issue of love of homeland and romantic nationalism, and in the novel The Island of Wandering, more attention is paid to modern love as a criterion for marriage and mystical love


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