A comparative study of agnosticism in the talasem of Ilya Aboumazi and The rhetoric of "I do not know this porch by 9 layers " of Mulana

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Language and Literature at Farhangian University, Tehran, iran


Ignorance is one of the elements of a poetic image that expresses the poet's view the world of creation. Ilya and Maulana, the poets of Linani and Iran, sought to express it. The need to know the theme and their common and different concepts and the impact of each other is the main necessity of research. In this article, with descriptive-analytical approach and relying on comparative literature, some aspects of the sharing and differentiation of the poem "Talasem" by Elijah and Ghazal "I do not know this porch of yours" are discussed. The results show that is no influence between them, and both were influenced by the poets before them in their philosophical poetry. Both worldviews are based on philosophy and seek to find the truth and were able to lead man to existence by creating doubt; it can be said that Rumi's faith is stronger than Abu Mawazi's. Elijah's concepts are more complex because he pays special attention to cryptography, but Rumi's poetry is far from obligatory and mystical.