From the labyrinth of language to the interior of human and society ; A sociocritical approach to some works by Georges Perec

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor of French and comparative litarature

2 Tabriz University

3 PhD Student in French Language and Literature, University of Tabriz, Iran


Sociocritique which insist on accompaniment of form of expression and content is in contrast to classical method of sociological studies which implies literary work as a social statement. Sociocritique is a way to achieve content through the complexities of language. The works of Georges Perec, full of linguistic games, are valuable for sociocritique. Because they use language to deliver concepts of author. In seven works that are discussed in present paper, concepts will be considered through the mathematical rules, the rhetorical techniques and the intertextuality. All of these technics are considered like important structural elements in sociocritique. In this way, we will try to find reasons for using them in translating meaning by finding examples of three techniques mentioned. The purpose of this study is to achieve a common concept that has been expressed in all of these works : Perec’s social concerns, which are highly inspired by the War and the crisis of identity in a society with absurd values.