A study on the literary type of "Bara Masa" in Indian and Persian literature

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Bara Masa in Hindi means twelve months Bara Bara means number twelve and Masa means month of the year. Bara Masa is a literary poem in Hindi that is composed in various forms and forms of poetry. This type of poem is the first time. It has emerged in the indigenous literature of northern India. One of the characteristics of this type of poetry is that the poet expresses his desired content based on the sequence of months and each verse of the poem is dedicated to days and months. Conversation in the months of the year Is composed. In her research, Charlotte Woodville refers to the various masses of Bara Massa in the Urdu language. Other Persian-style Indian poets inspired by the indigenous literature of northern India are clearly seen.

This study deals with the comparative study of "Bara Masa" and its literature in Indian and Persian literature.


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