"O People of the Future remember us!” A comparative study of Dehkhoda's poem "Remember!" with Brecht's "To the People of the Future"

Document Type : Research Paper


Dehkhoda and Brecht, who were contemporaries of each other, despite living in two different land, experienced the tyranny of the dictators and the bitterness of exile in their lives. This similarity in their lived experience, as well as the constant struggle for freedom that is reflected in their poetry, has caused the themes of their two famous poems, " Remember!" and "To the People of the Future", to be similar. They first describe their dark times and boast of the ignorance and irresponsibility of the people, then enumerate their struggles with oppressive rulers to enlighten public opinion. Dehkhoda believes that despite the suffocating atmosphere he and his colleagues have done their duty and in this way they have even sacrificed their lives, while Brecht admits that his efforts, although of little power, were not enough. Both poets are confident that this dark day is coming to an end and ask the people of the future to remember them.


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