A comparative study of the components of the magical realism of the novels of "Ei reino de este mundo" and the "le siecle des lumieres" by Carpentier and "Rūzgār-i siparī shudah-ʼi mardum-i sālkhūrdah” by Dowlatabadi Ruqayyah Sadraie

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D student of Islamic Azad university, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Assiatant professor and member of faculty of Islamic Azad University , Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 Associate professor and member of Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran


The origin of the magical realism style is the Latin American literature. This style of writing was not limited to such a region of the world, and it has become the subject of fiction literature from other countries including Iran. It is a reflection of the use of the style in the fictional literature of Iran, pure imitation or in accordance with cultural behavior and the development of adaptive literary information. Therefore, the analysis of the components of the effects in the matching can be effective in this recovery. In this research, a comparative study of the components of magical realism in novels of Carpentier and Dowlatabadi, has been studied through descriptive-analytic method. The findings show that both authors use common magic realism style that are different in the only examples. At the same time, unique materials are also featured in the works. Studies show that the climate, economic and social conditions of both writers have influenced the quality of creation and the use of the style of magical realism.


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