Significance of Schnitzler´s Fictional Writing

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of German Language and Literature. Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences.Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran. Iran


Arthur Schnitzler, an Austrian author and playwright, is one of the founders of modern German literature. Being associated with the latest literary trends of his time, Schnitzler has been a pioneer in some fields. He has influenced several generations of artists in the west and the east up to now. Schnitzler is known to be a psychologist-psychoanalyst author. Literary critics have praised his rare intelligence in revealing motives hidden behind human actions. Schnitzler’s world of fiction has other remarkable aspects that this article is going to deal with. The most important one of them are implicit humanism and decadence that are expressed in his writings. This article also examines main features of fictional writing of Schnitzler as an author who has never been presented in Iran adequately and never received the attention he deserves. The study acquaints readers with thoughts of Schnitzler and certain technical characteristics of his art too.