Mythological Recognition of Time in Mircea Eliade’s narrative method (Case Study: The story of "Twelve Thousands of Cows")

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. student of Persian language and literature (epic Literature), Hakim Sabzevari University Sabzevar,Iran

2 Hakim Sabzevari University


Mircea Eliade, Romanian contemporary mythologist and historian of religion, is recognized as a prominent writer in his country; He believed that Issues such as the transition from linear- historical time to sacred time can be understood by the unknown parts of ancient mythology for today's mankind. Eliade's "Twelve Thousands of cows" is an opportunity to explore a particular narrative style and analyze Time from a mythological perspective. The present study provides an opportunity to understand one of the narrative techniques of time that Eliade himself first found in mythology and used in his story, self-conscious or unconscious. The plot of the story is in the story of a history of historical anxiety, war and bombardment of Bucharest, and the writer tries to challenge the anxious time of history and by historizing in the context of mythological understanding of time, changed despair to hope in the midst of a special narration.