Feminist criticism of YA Novel in Siamak Golshiri's Vampire and Translation by Stephanie Meyer

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1 persian litrature,narjes university, Rafsanjan,Iran

2 Instructor, faculty member of translation studies, English language and literature, Narjes University, Rafsanjan, Iran

3 Instructor, Faculty member of Translation Studies, English Language and Literature, Narjes University, Rafsanjan, Iran


Feminist criticism is the approach that began in the late twentieth century to examine the status of women and their experiences in literary texts. Critics of this approach apply two methods of woman criticism (A woman as an author) and, gender roles analysis (woman characters representations) to examine the literary texts.
This study tried to analyze two vampire novels of Meyer and Golshiri, with a feminist approach by applying these methods, to answer the following questions: were the works influenced by patriarchal discourse? Borrowing his vampire characters from Western myths, did Golshiris domesticate his characters by letting them enter the streets of Tehran? Did he domesticate the cultural and social issues such as attitudes towards the woman in his work? Is there any difference between Golshiri`s woman characters Meyer`s.Meyer, as a woman writer, has tried to dramatize her women characters as strong and independent, she is influenced by male-dominated discourse in some cases. In the vampire of Golshiri, the gender roles are more frequent than Meyer's, and in some cases


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