Reflects Iranian Identity in Contemporary Tajik Poetry

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Farsi language and literature, University of Tehran

2 Faculty Member of Tehran University


More than 250 years have passed since the separation of Tajikistan from Iran. Since then, the country has suffered a lot of bitter events, but has kept its Iranian identity strong. Contemporary poetry of Tajikistan is the heir to the ancient Persian literature, which clearly shows the manifestation of Iranian culture. This article studies the poetry of five prominent Tajik poets in terms of the components of Iranian culture through a descriptive-analytical method. The study found that Tajik poets, regardless of the political boundaries of their country, are contemplating and fascinated by their cultural and literary heritage. The two elements of the Persian language and the common historical past are the most important elements shaping their cultural identity. The manifestation of Iranian culture in their poems can be seen in the form of commemoration of Persian language and the fear of its fate against various sects, citing the common past, the bow of myths and Iranian characters, especially poets and ....