Comparative critique of the poem "Dogs and Wolves" by Akhavan Thaleth and Shandor Petofi

Document Type : Research Paper


Persian language and literature, Humanities of Shahid Beheshti University


By entering the translation into the realm of Persian literature , significant changes and developments occurred in the social and cultural attitudes of Persian poets and writers, and the exquisite and everlasting effects of translation have come to fruition, and brilliant figures in the field of literature came to the resurrection. One of these figures is Akhavan whose poetry is the Mirror of Iranian society (1330- 1360). He created some of his under the influence of the other nation's literature, including the famous poetry "Dogs and Wolves", on the effect of the Hungarian Poet. This article, in an inferential-analytical method, will look at how to get and adopt Akhavan from Sandor Petofi and examines how nations use the "symbol" as a common language and through the symbol, express their shared thoughts. It is important to state that in the realm of art and literature, the "symbol" is the common language between nations through which, they can illustrate the intellectual communion that emerges from the social necessities for enlightening man.


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