A Comparative analysis of the narration of Akhavan-Sales’s “Katibeh” and Albert Camus's "The Myth of Sisyphus"

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Bojnord University, Bojnord, Iran


. The research method is descriptive-analytical based on the narrative structure of both works. The result of this research shows that this two narratives are identical in terms of the main event of the narration since both narrators describe the futility and absurdity of the efforts of their Heroes. By analyzing the narrative structure of these two works we find that there are no inconsistent, indefinite and additional events in Katibeh and its narrative begins with the introduction
and ends to resolution. But the narrative of the Myth of Sisyphus, apart from the weakening factors of the plot, begins with the crisis. Accordingly, Katibeh has a more coherent plot compared to the Myth of Sisyphus. Also, the narrative point of view in the Myth of Sisyphus is in uniform manner and it has one narrative view while in Katibeh there are different views of narrative and this change is quite meaningful in the various verses of the poem.


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