The Modern Theory of the Fourth Man and Slippery Subject: An Interdisciplinary Reading of Hamlet and Timbuktu

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Full-time faculty member at IAU, Darrehshahr Branch

2 Profesor at Comparative Literature, English Literature Dep., Shiraz University, Shiraz. Iran


Cartesian duality and Kantian transcendentalism widend the gap between philosophy and literature inaugurated by Plato, but literature was not corrupted by any duality, truth or knowledge. Through interdisciplinary studies, the present paper aims to show how Platonic Chorismos beclouded the relationship between these two siblings, philosophy and literature The researcher proposes a new philosophical theory named Fourthmanism and Slippery Subject in which literature rejects any representation or subjectivity. The present study aims to offer an ethical man in literature living in the lowest layers of the society. This man comes to the scene in Renaissance, and, through desubjectification, turns Platonic doxa to episteme. In so doing, Hamlet and Timbuktu are chosen to show Fourthmanism from Renaissance onward.


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