Investigation of "personality" in the novel "Karamazov Brothers" by Dostoevsky based on the theory of personality from "Sigmund Freud"

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Sistan and Baluchestan

2 Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Humanities


karamazov s brothers is the masterwork of Fyodor Dastayavsky who is pioneer in psychological writing in world literature. About personality structure, we can purpose this work, as a affective work whit exclusivity of psychological theme. As this novel, purposed whit Zigmund Freud and he wrote article" Dastayavsky and patricide". Freud at this article,called this novel as upmost novels which is written. He called this novel equivalent whit Hamlet and Odipus, on the ground of patricide topic too. In this article, whit Analytical method I surveyed whit psychological criticism, sights of personality on grand Karamazov on base of Freud notion and showed that either pron of Karamazov s sons are ilka from one of sights of triple grand Karamazov s personality.
Rowdy and oversexed Dmitri is representative from Libido, cultured Ivan and underdog Smerdyakov, jointly, are representative from ego and kind hearted Alyosha isrepresentative from superego in grand Karamazov s personality.


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