Post Colonialism thoughts in Mohammad Faitoury’s and Langston Hughes’spoem

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Arabic Language and literature , Ferdowsi University of Mashha / Mashhad / Iran

2 PhD student of Arabic language and literature, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University , tabriz, iran

3 PhD Graduated of Arabic language and literature, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University , tabriz, iran


This Article deals with political, social, economical, cultural and literal movements as well asrevolutions of nineteen and twenty centuries. Racial and ethnical discrimination are of the most important elements. The Blacks were one of the main victims of these ethnical and racial discrimination. They were marginalized and due to the discrimination policies. This gradually led to the formation of destructionalism and post colonialism thoughts which can be used under poscriticism. Theories and thoughts that severly fight against discrimination and marginalization of the Black society. The colony power interpreted the colonialized land on the basis of its thoughts. Literature as effective means played its important part. In this article I have dealt with the life and thoughts of two black poets: Langston Hughes and Mohammad Faitoury. The two mentioned poets not only criticized the colonialism thoughts but also they have combated against colonialism to get rid of identity crisis all over the world.     This Article is going to explain these two poet's colonialism thought against Hejemony of colonialism phenomena.It has been presented in a descriptive analytic method and library resources and internet has been used.                     


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