Postmodern Narrative in Two Iranian Movies

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Persian Language and Literature/Faculty of Literature and Human Sience/ Velayat University/ Iranshahr, Iran

2 M.A/Department of Persian Language and Literature/Faculty of Literature and Human Sience/ Velayat University/ Iranshahr


Today, in some cases, the cinematic narratives are more popular than fictional narratives, so researchers can explore cultural situation of society by analysing movies. Postmodern narratives are a subdivision of fictional narratives that emerged in 1960s in the Western Literature, and shortly after that, cinematic narratives spread. In Iran, while the postmodern situation has become a problematic issue for fictional literature, it seems that this phenomenon is increasingly expanding in cinema. As too many worthy movies by postmodernist techniques are being produced in Iran, the researchers want to find whether these movies can be considered inherently as postmodern narratives or mere imitations of postmodern techniques, and how it is possible that these postmodernist movies have audience while there is a conflict between tradition and modernity in the Iranian society. This research analyses postmodern approaches and techniques in two Iranian movies.


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