the dimenshon of theory of post decolonization the novel of (Zakerat Ak Jasad) by Ahlam Al Mstaganemi and (Hamsayeha) by Ahmad Mahmood

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1 Assistant Professor, Arabic Language Department, Payam-e Noor University, Tehran, Iran,

2 Graduated of Arabic Language Department, Payam-e Noor University, Tehran, Iran


the Literature is a culture extract and crystallization of the collective attitude of a nation to a time when the image is written or oral but One aspect that has been overlooked in contemporary literature, according to contemporary fiction ties with the political process is time. Postcolonial involved in the effects of colonialism on the cultures and societies. In this study, the famous novel(Hamsayeha) "neighbor" by Ahmad Mahmoud and the novel (Zakerat Al Jasad) "Memories of bady" Ahlam Al Mstghanmy been studied from the perspective of postcolonial reading ... The findings and analysis of postcolonial its components (East-West confrontation, the poor, the other, consciousness) suggest that Ahlam Al Mosteghanemi and Ahmed Mahmoud in the novel Thakirati Jasid and neighbors using direct and indirect interpretations seeks to explore and critique effort in order to destroy the identity and independence of neo-colonialism, political, cultural, social and economic Orient nations, especially Islamic countries.


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