From Theory to Practice: The Examination of “The Reader in the Book” in A Handful Of Wheat by Aiden Chambers

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor in English Department Razi University of Kermanshah


Aiden Chambers is one of the outstanding critics and writers in Children’s Literature who emphasizes, in his theory “The Reader in the Book,” on the importance of style, point-of-view, taking-sides and tell-tale gaps in examining the works in this field. Recently, Chamber’s approach has opened new doors to the examination of Iranian works in Children’s Literature. The present study aims at reading “A Handful Of Wheat” from his collection, The Kissing Game, on the basis of his theory to identify Chamber’s effective techniqes to create “the reader in the book” and by this practically put his ideas into test. The findings of this research demonstrate that, in this story, Chambers creates an intellegent, curious, critical and imaginative child reader through using the techniqes of structuring the main narrative within a framing narrative, writing disagreement, childlike objectivization, managed shift of tone/voice, double narrative levels, concrete narrative-making, taking sides through creating a double-face narrator, superficial and structural gaps, and an allegorical ending.


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