Mathematical puzzle-like story of the history of Herodotus (Relying on the theory of Tzvtan Todorov)

Document Type : Research Paper


Tarykhchh‌Ay detective story full of ups and downs, so that each ethnic Flklvrhay, detective stories of their own, but the subtle point that we have raised in this study, according to John SCSI implication that there is a first novel policing the world, known as the "mystery room" was on Herodotus. In this study, the theory Tzvtan Tvdvrvrf considered as the basis for research on the relationship between structure and plan the next step to prove Adayman similar to the story, "King Rampsytynvs and thieves" in the history of Herodotus to the example of the modern detective story by poo in comparison Adgaraln made. The results show that although the story "Rampsynytvs and thieves" in the history of Herodotus, according to "life-SCSI" first "mystery Drbstە room of the world" are presented, in terms of structural overlaps perfectly with the theory Tzvtan Todorov. Also in the narrative genre grammar police, four current narrative that makes up the suspense narrative.


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