Analytical study of the sallhay-e-Abri and Abshooran by Darvishian upon the main elements of naturalism.

Document Type : Research Paper



Naturalist is one of the important and effective nineteen century literary school in Europe, especially France, that is source of it. Emil Zola, the most well-known French writer is the leader of this literary school. This school like other literary schools based on some rules that scientific and naturalism is the important feature of it. In Iran, this school is introduced to Iranian literal society by Sadegh Hedayat, Bozorg Alavi, Sadegh Chobak and…. . In Iranian literary works we do not see western rules of it, but there are some similarities between Iran and Europe like loyalty to some rules like: despotism, social gap, poverty and its consequences, social and political protests, picturing life of the public, magnifying the bad face, public believes and superstitious and ignorance, making use of slang…. . Written works of Darvishian, writer of 80th decade, show most of these features. So this research is going to analyze two of the most important works of him, Abshooran and sallhay-e-Abri in the way of naturalism. And this research wants to check that is it possible to consider the thoughts of Darvishian the continuation of the thoughts of the naturalism writers like Zola?


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