postcolonilal study of Ahmad Mahmoud the Neighbors in the light of spivak ideas

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The present essay attempts to consider Ahmad Mahmoud’s The Neighbors in the light of Spivak’s concept of Subaltern who is known as one of the three “Holy Trinity” critics of Post-colonial theory. The economic and cultural as well as the military interventions of the colonizing powers was present during previous centuries; now colonization has changed its path more toward the cultural and economic than the military domain. The researchers regard this novel as Post-colonial text, and attempt to investigate and prove the claim that the main characters of the novel under scrutiny experience subalternity and that their survival depends on the resistance of the committed intellectuals. Mahmoud has depicted societies where the intellectuals have the major role in resisting colonizationSeen in the light of Spivak’s ideas, this writer attempts to transform the conditions of impossibility, the hopeless and negative feeling for the Subaltern that nothing will change for the marginalized into a condition of possibility, under the condition that, the Subaltern has been represented by native and committed intellectuals.


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