Comparative Study of Animal Pictures in Children and Youth’s Poems Ted Hughes & Abbass Yamini Sharif

Document Type : Research Paper


department of Persian language and literature, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.


Nowadays, children's literature regarding the concept of childhood, has a special place in the Humanities studies. Children's poetry is also a branch of this kind. Reviewing the lyrics might be useful for children's poets and a valuable help to improve the quality of the genre. This paper explores the children's poetry of Hughes and Yaminisharif. Their similarities in the use of naturalistic themes, especially the use of animal characters, are the reasons for this choice. The study has two parts:
The theoretical section that is based on the ideas of the theorists of the American doctrine of comparative literature.
The applied section, which includes an analysis of These tow poet's works and their evidence.
Since, according to the American approach, the mere existence of similarities can be The context of a comparative study and American comparative literature is a kind of cultural studies , The paper also aims at recognition of similarities, and achieving a perspective to the children’s poems, especially the ones with animal themes in Iran and England.


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