The Trend Realism In The Persian New Poetry) Nima'i Poetry)

Document Type : Research Paper


Realism school is one of the schools of European literature that emphasizes on expressing objective facts of life as it is without intervening in abstract thoughts of artist and it seems that in the field of Poetry, which has more illustration capacity, expression of dreams, imagination and the metaphysical ideals – doesn’t have any suitable efficacy and influence. But at least in Nima'i Poetry (New Poetry) , the trace of the philosophy of history and also objective and Subjective facts in the society could be seen clearly and the part of the social reality of his time is depicted and showed by expressing of how and why in thinking and imagination in Poetry What is certain is that the poets of this type of Poem with a realistic attitudes tend to show real objectives of people life and socio-political events in order for promoting the awareness level, achieving receivable individual and social rights of their society. Sometimes, their poetic logic language is mixed with allegory and symbolism that with Indirect and Interpreting expression use it in order to proceeding to the poems with the aim of acquainting the thoughts. Thus, can be said Symbolism Placed in the Realism service in the Nima'i Poetry. This article reached to this entry that the social symbolism or New poetry (Nima'i) that Socialism and Symbol-ism is the main components of that, has the nature of realism or likewise, the realistic attitude within itself.


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