Analysis of two verbal fictions In “ the rolling pumpkin tale “ – Kadoo ghelghel Zan – and “ the European tale “ - Koochooloo

Document Type : Research Paper


assistant professor of french language and literature


Summary :
This research discusses the two demotic tales, two human spirits, and two apparently different constructions though the same in depth. And it also attempts to seek the concealed soul of these two Iranian and French tales beyond them.
No word said either intentionally or unintentionally is in vain and there is always a reason behind each single word. Everyone is a text and each text has something to say and within each saying there is guidance. No phenomenon is useless and we consciously or sub-consciously have an objective for our behavior. Therefore, through telling a story we speak our minds. Protagonists and antagonists are our characteristic aspects and numbers are femininity and masculinity inside us. Now with a comparative point of view, we move towards a collective sub-conscience which is reflected in a simple, beautiful and pleasing way in stories.
Keyword: Fear, Escape, Popular story, Oral story, Criticism


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