Writing of grief in Philippe Jaccottet’s poetry

Document Type : Research Paper


Professor, Islamic Azad university, Science and Research Branch


In this study we aim to examine the theme of death in the works of Philippe Jaccottet; in whose earliest writings and poems one can spot a sensitivity to human pain and death. Jaccottet’s writings though simple in form, raise many vague questions in the reader’s mind, for the poet wants to contain in his poem what speech can’t express. The universe and human life to Jaccottet are mysteries. Death – the subject of this article – is also part of this mystery. Analyzing his 3 collections of poems “Lessons”, “Chants from below” and “In the winter light” reveals the importance of this theme, which has an essential place in the poet’s works. This also creates an opportunity for unveiling his mysterious and piercing works; which deserve to be read and reread, as it suggests to the reader to reconsider the world and the new style of living in harmony with the universe and with himself.


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