The key role of language and words in recreation on an opus

Document Type : Research Paper



Jarmila Očkayová is the first immigrant author to recreate one of the most well-known treasures of Italian literature.
It has been over a century since Carlo Lorenzini, by the nom de guerre Carlo Collodi, wrote the Pinocchio stories, but the version created by Očkayová is not just a humanoid machine, confused between the two worlds of humans and dummies, but on the other hand, it is the former wooden doll with a fundamental difference in structure: He starts to speak to his audience and narrates the story from his own point of view. The continues analysis of the words and the contemplation about their concept alternative etiology are the main structural and conceptual evolutions that Očkayová has made in his recreation. On the other hand, the selection of this opus for rewriting is undoubtedly with certain cause. The reason of the selection is a kind of existentional bipolarize and the suspicion of Pinocchio between the tow worlds: human worlds and those of wooden dolls. In this inquiry the features of this recreation devoted to language and words and also the reasons why it was recreated are going to be discussed.


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