Influenc of Count Arthur de Gobineau on Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh Case of study : Yeki Bud-o Yeki Nabud and Gamber-Aly

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant professor of French language & literature, University of Tabriz


One of the most influential figures in Iranian fiction, is Mohammad-Ali Jamalzadeh who has revolutionized this form in terms of both style and content. The source of his innovations was in his proficiency in European literature. This is the main subject of this article: to try to limit the scope discussed above and meditate on it, according to the laws of omparative literature, to explain the influence of Tales of Asia and spatially the story of « Gamber-Aly » by Arthur de Gobineau, French diplomat and writer, on a collection of six short stories by Jamalzadeh called Once Upon a Time that is recognized, in his modern form, as the first collection of short stories in Iran. Because of these characteristics, this article try to explain the influence of Gamber-Aly on Once Upon a Time in terms of both style and content, observing the essentiality of Jamalzadeh in his work.


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